Estate Cleanouts

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process of cleaning out an estate property for a loved one or family member that is downsizing, moving to assisted living, or has passed? Or maybe you are starting to downsize and need some direction yourself… This is where Call 2 Haul can remove some of the burden and help you make the right decisions in real estate clean-out services

Unlike some property clean out companies, Call 2 Haul understands the importance of your unique situations in cleaning out and removing a loved one’s possessions. After going through the emotional battle in our own family with having to clean out and sell loved ones possessions, we realize how very hard it is to do this on your own… especially when you are cleaning out the home of a parent, spouse, sibling or friend. It can be extremely overwhelming. We are very sympathetic to your needs…we have been in your shoes, and we can help in handling the emotional stress of an estate clean out.

We can help you go through things and separate items that we think may be of sentimental value or items that we think may be able to be sold on consignment, at auction or through an estate sale. Our staff will always handle your belongings with respect.

We understand that every customer has different needs. No matter what your circumstances are, we always have your feelings in mind and pay close attention as to not discard anything that you may want to look at before the items are sold, donated, recycled, or disposed of. With almost 10 years of experience…we will ensure a smooth transition for you and your family.

It is easy to get started. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation. We will set up a time to come and meet with you to discuss your situation.

We will customize any of our services to meet your personal needs:

  • Sorting through items in home – Putting aside items of importance & value
  • We can work independently or along with you to separate and organize your belongings
  • We work with various donation centers to find a home for unwanted items.
  • Review items of value and assist in making a decision on what to do with them
  • Separate and pack up all items that will be kept, sold, recycled and donated
  • Upon request, create a slide show of items for family members to view remotely if they are not able to visit the property
  • Pack up and deliver pieces locally to storage facility or family members’ homes.
  • Drop off donations to donation centers and provide receipts for tax purposes
  • Clean out any leftover trash remaining in home
  • Have house fully cleaned and ready for resale or renting (if needed)
  • Direct you to reputable local contractors for home repairs
  • Connect you with local contractors that buy properties for quick sale
  • Connect you with local realtors that can meet your needs

Please see our Tax Benefits and Charities pages for more information.

call2haul-home-soldIf you are in need of a quick sale, please let us know! We work with several contractors and buyers that we can refer to you. On several occasions we have cleaned out a home and had it sold all in the same week!

**References provided upon request**

If you think you may be in need of our service, please contact us now for your free in-home estimate!