Recycle Donate

If items can be recycled, reused or donated rather than go to the landfill, this will make our price go down and help save our planet. We take metal FREE of charge. If you would like a tax receipt for donation items please let us know, and we will provide you with one. We make sure that a landfill is last on the list. We try to find a new home for everything you discard. We are constantly looking for places that will accept items we find on jobs. In our search, we have found local organizations, shelters, synagogues and churches can help us distribute usable household goods, toys, books, clothes, shoes, appliances, and much more! When we are not able to find a local organization to take our donation, we try to donate directly to the people through online postings. Please email us and let us know if you know of a donation center in our area.

Distribution Details


– Reusable objects are donated to benefit charitable organizations whenever possible. Written documentation from the charity indicating the value of the donation will be provided for tax deduction purposes if available. Objects that are not suited for charitable donation will be recycled if applicable.


– Objects that are not suited for charitable donation will be recycled at all times if possible. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle We are an environmentally conscience company and guarantee that items picked up are donated, reused, recycled or disposed of in the proper manor. We try our best to recycle EVERYTHING possible to help save our planet and save YOU money! By recycling as much as possible, we are able to reduce what items we bring to the landfill, therefore saving our customers money. We work with different local organizations, community centers and churches that are happy to help us spread your reusable goods to the people in need. If recycling centers or donation centers will not accept our items, we try to go directly to the people and find someone in need that can reuse your “stuff”. Here are just some of the items that we recycle and donate: ** There are certain items that are considered hazardous. We cannot take these items and dispose of them but we can assist you in finding the correct method of disposal for these items. Click Here to see a list of items we cannot take.